Relationship advice

This video gives relationship and love advice and tips and help on issues faced by people in relationships. Whenever we are facing problems in our relationships, it affects every other area of our lives. We then become unhappy and unfocused. Relationships are a very serious area of our lives and should be handled delicately. Sometimes issues can come up that we did not anticipate and we must learn how to deal with them. We have to understand that we can not always expect people to act the way that we want or think that they should. We all come from different families and backgrounds and must understand that we are all unique. So it won’t always be perfect. When we are in a relationship, we have to communicate our feelings. When we do not communicate with our significant other, we have a tendency to misunderstand each other. We have to let each other know our feelings and we should each be a safe haven for each other. This means that whenever they have an issue or something on their minds, they should see us as someone they can come to without thinking twice. If someone feels that they will be mocked, yelled out, or misunderstood, they will have a really hard time sharing their feelings. Another relationship advice is for us to appreciate our partner and not to take them for granted. When people feel like they are not really being appreciated, they become resentful. Regardless of their faults the fact that they’re still around speaks volumes. Just a simple thank you can go a long way. Also, we really need to take time to feel good and laugh regardless of how we are feeling. There are times that the things happening around us might threaten our joy. Laughter is medicine and so even if we have to force it by watching comedies together, it is a must. Another important relationship tip is to take some time out for yourself. Having that ‘me time’ helps to decompress a lot of stress. When we continue to give and feel like we are not replenishing ourselves, we tend to feel drained. We also need to take time out to pray. Having that one on one time with our higher power and creator goes a long way in refreshing us and giving us a fresh perspective.