Dating Advice + A Call to Matthew Hussey!

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The book:

Matthew Hussey

I edited out A LOT of my rambling because I wanted to keep all of Matt’s great advice (I literally didn’t edit down any of his because it’s worth hearing all of it). But here’s some info from him about the book:
*The book is essentially split into three sections: Find, Attract, Keep so:
–if you’re not meeting guys, section one is for you
–if you are meeting guys, but not building attraction, section two is for you
–if you can’t get guys to commit, or you’re in a relationship and you want to make it extraordinary, section three is for you

I say, read the preview on Amazon and the chapter that Matt tweeted to get a feel for the book. And if you’d like, I’ll do a video of pretty much what I edited out here- his philosophies applied.

Vlog channel:

Still in disbelief O_O

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