Book | Overcoming Fears of Intimacy and Commitment: Relationship Insights for Men and the Women

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Romantic relationships can be difficult, but to browse the shelves for advice, readers are mostly introduced to the womans viewpoint and concerns. Seldom do books address the innermost thoughts, feelings, fears, and concerns of men in relationships. Through the use of in-depth psychological insights, noted author-psychologist Herb Goldberg, takes the reader through twelve phases of romantic relationships. From the initial excitement to the time when things fall apart, he explores the gender undertow, prescribes remedies, and describes the healthy relationship from both perspectives, offering tips and advice for both men and women. Taking his starting point from the perspective of men in relationships, Goldberg lays out the concerns many men have from fears of intimacy to the recognition that ones partner may not be perfect. Addressing the most common problems that may stem from these relationship troubles, he guides readers through the fears and troubles that may arise and offers cogent advice in an effort to bring men and women together in healthier and more intimate unions.