4 Pieces of “Dating Advice For Women” I DESPISE

Most dating advice for women out there is COMPLETELY wrong. In this video, LoDolce rephrases this common dating advice for women so that it’s useful.

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Ever since we were young, we’ve been hearing wise dating advice from our parents, grandparents, teachers, and close friend’s. All of it “means well”, but most of it is horrifically wrong.
My biggest beef with common dating advice for women is that it doesn’t actually help you take any real tangible action. It’s all focused on the idea that you should sit around and wait for a man to come to you.

That kind of dating advice can leave you at home wondering, “Why isn’t my man finding me?” as you take another spoon full of delicious Phish Food from Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

So watch this video and I’ll share with you how we can rephrase the most common dating advice for women into something a bit more meaningful.

Watch “4 Pieces of Dating Advice For Women I Despise” below:

Here’s the list of dating advice for women I hate:
#1: “Just Get Out There”
Oh really, maybe a woman should just walk down an allyway in New York city and look for a man? Or maybe she could stand on the side of the street, lift her skirt a little bit, throw out the thumb and meet a good guy?
Instead of Just get out there, it should be “Figure out what it is you LOVE to do, and go do those in a social setting, where there are men.”
I guess it doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Start making socializing a regular part of your life – and not because you’re going man hunting – but because want to do it and you ENJOY doing it.
#2: “Just be yourself”
About six years ago I learned to play the guitar, and like most people I wasn’t very good. I tried to learn it on my own, but then I finally got a guitar teacher. When I sat down with him, he didn’t start out by saying – you know what Adam, you should just play what you want to play and people are going to want to listen.
Instead of “just be yourself” – it should be: “Continuously focus on self improvement, be open to trying new things, and when you meet someone, best your best most charismatic interesting self possible”.
Socializing and dating are learnable skills – just like playing the guitar.
You can’t just play any chord you want and assume people are going to want to listen
(me playing an aweful sound).
And you can’t just unfiltered miserable person and expect someone is going to want to date you.
#3: Play Hard to Get
So ladies, basically what this is telling you is that you should do the exact opposite of what your feeling? Yeah, htat sounds healthy.
I’m only going to change piece from play hard to get to “Be Hard to get”. If a guy likes you – it should be hard for him to win you over – but not because you’re playing games – but because you have so many amazing things in your life that you’re not going to hand it all over to a guy without him having to earn it.
#4: You’ll meet someone once you stop trying
Perfect, so women, basically you should stay home, watch reruns of friends and you know what – he’ll find yah.
This saying should say “You’ll discover a great relationship once you stop forcing it”. You should never stop trying to get out there and meet new people, it’ll be easy – you won’t have to force him or change him – cause he’ll want to be with you.

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